To the high seads, to homeward


Dear all,

so whilst the good ship winny has over the last coupple of years been slowly recovering from her dromattic demasting we have been considering where we would go next, to Hifa and the holy land or to homeward. the energys which had so effotlessly alingned and made the outward trip possible now seemed to be less easerly gathered until the onward option began to look like a furios and speedy journey to the holy land and back, not quite in the spirit of things. and on chritmass day this year Captin Garry anounced that we would be bringing the boat back home.

a failed mission? the few months in which we had spent sailing towards Hifa, cut short in the bay of biscay, had been so utterly full of glory, full of beauty, full of high adventure,extatic song, of friends met, of wonderment… we wollowed in paradice and blessings. to not reach the holy land is a bummer and a blow to the pride but in those days 2 years ago whilst we sailed down the british isles and out to sea we hit perfection so many times that in some ways to not reach Hifa was minor.

and now! in 2 days! an intrepid krew: Garry the Skipper, Salty Vic, Tim the Dancer, Tree House Oran, Oshan ‘danger’ Mahony, and myself, will set sail again to recross the bay of biscay and head not to the holy land in hifa but to the holy land in cork!

then winny will sail the west cost of irelalnd seeking music wonderment and adventure and we need krew to do it! that meens you! so if you are a musician, a mistic, a mad one, a mariner, or other wise, then please get in touch and help us to get the good ship back home!!


below is the itinerary, email to get onboard!


Masses of love,




When Where Destination Distnce What
Before all this…a pilgrimage and shake down cruise in May!
9.June La coruna Waterford/Cork 500
19.June Helvic Cross Hven
20.June Cork Concert Diddly
21.June Cork Kinsale 17 Concert Diddly
23.June Kinsale Clare Island 34
24.June Clare Island Bantry 35 Vist Cosmo and Phillidah
26.June Bantry Skelligs 36
26.June Skelligs Valentia Is 10
27.June Valentia Dingall 18
29.June Dingall KilBaha 50 Celebrate Stan R
30.June KilBaha Shannon Esuary 37 meeting the Limerick friends
1. July 36
3.July Limerick Kil Baha/ LeHinch 36
4. July KilBaha Le Hinch 33 Meet Innis friends
5.July Le Hinch Aran 21
6.July Arran Galway 24 Meet Galway friends
8.July Galway Inishboffin 30
9.July Inishboffin Broad Haven 52
10. July Broad Haven Killy begs 54 Meet Donegall friends
 Leave boat for earthing
30 uly Killy begs Arran 40
31. July Arran Tory Island 18 visit Island
1.Aug ToryIsland Romelton 32 Visit friends
3. Aug Romelton Port Rush 48 Meet Londerry friends
5.Aug Port Rush Ballycastle 16 Visit Corrymela
7.Aug Ballycastle Holy Island 50 Visit Holy Isand
08-Aug Holy Island Lough Gilp 30
9.Aug Canal Crinnan
11.Aug Crinnan Errid 36 Visit Errid
12.Aug Errid Iona 5 Visit Iona music
13. Aug Errid Ulva via Fingals 10 Home coming






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6 responses to “To the high seads, to homeward

  1. Hi all. Intrepid…Out trepid…All kinds of Trepid except Trepidation, I hope. Safe home, Marc & Vicky.

  2. Ken & Sabina Nagle


  3. Nick

    Hooray for the Whinny! If you get blown off course and round Cape Horn we will be there waiting with charangas and nose flutes!

    Much love

    Nick and Holly

  4. May your voyage toward home be safe and sure! I should love to join for a watch or two, maybe, if that would be possible…?

  5. Looking forwards to following your next caper! Good luck and enjoy. Fair winds,
    Rob and the dilstonites 🙂

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