P&O de-tours – grannys in trees and arrival in the city of sufiism

so, we where unoaded from a truck of jolly turks in the town of Yalvac. the plan was to pick up some cucumbers and bits and pieces and to head out to find a place to camp befor darkness set in. passing a likely shop i remembered that we where in the market for a disposible camera. inside i tryed to comunicate my desires and caused much confusion untill a smiley young man with a pie of cirly hair appeared and asked in clear english what i wanted. i told hm the situation and he said “no problem, i have a friend…”. outside he pinched a bike from a hire shop and led us on a frantic mission about town from shop to shop via places of local intrest untill inside a crubling shopping complex the appropreate place was found and a cammerar was proquired . our new guide was called Haji, after hearing our story insidted that we stay at a houce his pairets had in the countryside a little way out of Yalvac. olive was developing a migrain and it was getting dark so this proppersition was welocmed happily. Haji colected his brothers scooter and a friend, olive got on the back of the scooter, myself and friend monted the bikes grabbed on to protruding bits of the little motorcicl and where whisked away though the night to a little houce lit up in the moon surrounded by the sounds of distant goat bells.

Haji’s pairents arived the next day to pick pairs from a big tree on there land. myslef and the mother who had just turned 60 cimbed th tree and passed buckets of fuit down to where oive was sitting in the shade with Haji’s sweet niece sorting the produce. eventualy my style proved too wild and i was told to get down from the tree lest i fall and damage something. i felt gentle burning outrage that i was considered in more dainger than the 60 year old woman. later we went to explore the remains of an incredibul roman city; market streets, a theater, a bathhouce all uncovered from the moving of time and dust. there was an old chirch there set up by St Paul. i stood as the lumpy and mountinos landscape was lit golden by the falling sun and emagined the early christians spreading a message of love at a time when chistianty hadn’t been dirtied by mens ego and desire for power.

we left the next day after eating a wonderfull kebab with Haji who had been a fantastic guide an dcompainon. he thought we where crazy but had desire within himself for adventure and travel. it wouldnt have taken much to get him to come allong with us.

the next few hundred kelomiters passed sometimes slowly, sometimes speedely, sometimes swettily, sometimes gently. we passed lovely goat hurdes, slepped in a corn field, slepped under the stars, awoke stiff and cold, we where enticed in to a caming aria by security gurds on motor bikes and spent our last night befor arriving in konya high up nestled on the side of mountins.

awaking into another cold dawn we set off down a cold hill, up over a rise to where the reflection of the sun in millions of windows revield our first destination. konia lay spread out in the haze on a great plain. we fell like two stones between pointy peaks into a mass of concreet and stone broken by miranettes and domes. landing by a university on the outscirts of the town we where given morning bred rings and tea by a sweet man befor we headed deeper in to bowles of the great city.  our first task was to find a place to stay. we had made some requests through a websight called couch surfing which connects travelers to people with space for people to stay in there houses. none of these requests had been answered. after casting out explorations though the internet we found an appealing plsce, voyaged though chaotic streets and where welcomed with smiles and wartermellon at the Dervish Guest houce.




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5 responses to “P&O de-tours – grannys in trees and arrival in the city of sufiism

  1. Poppy

    Haahaaa! I love your burning outrage.can’t wait for more updates. Loads of love xxxxxx

  2. sazzler

    i would definitely trust the 60 year old lass over your wild tree climbing! was she on her second set of teeth?!
    xxx big loves to you both xx

  3. Jo

    Brilliant! Ooh I wander if you will meet any mystics in towers in this great city? (I am envisioning game of thrones). Oh and 60 year old tree climbing grannies are nails, don’t be embarrassed 🙂 p.s Olive – Wren can nearly say hippopotumus xxx

  4. I must third the humorous appreciation for the indignation incurred by tree-savvy grans 😉 Still loving the updates guys keep em coming x

  5. Fantastical story, thanks, keep them coming.

    Some inspired christian spirit:

    Love consists not in feeling great things but in having great detachment and in suffering for the Beloved. The soul that is attached to anything, however much good there may be in it, will not arrive at the liberty of Divine union. For whether it be a strong wire rope or a slender and delicate thread that holds the bird, it matters not, if it really holds it fast; for until the cord be broken, the bird cannot fly.

    – St. John of the Cross

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