adventures in turkey – Mellons and peaches and big turks

An early rize and we began again, working on up the mighty slope. We borght an ambiciously large bun fresh fom a bakery at the top and then wized down the otherside into another city, isparter. Ginormos mountains ocasionaly apeard suprizingly. Tea by a large mosk, lunch allong the road alittle and down a track that we where lovelingly expelled from by two smylee armee men. Now we where riding in to a strong head wind and gurned onwards. Riding in to winds can be frustrating, even flat roads become a strenuos struggle requiring a massive energery. However it is a great lesson in pashents and exceptance, one must learn to love the wind and the pain it brings . then pain is joyo or weekness leving the body.

Stuggling onwards a car pulled up in frount of us and a man apeard from within with a mellon nestled in his arms. He presented it to us with a smile then got back in to the car and drove off. On a smaller road a familly sitting in the shade of a peach tree beckonned us over. The tree was one of many in there peach orchard. They had finished a long days pickinhg and now the mothers suns grandmass antees and children sat drinking tea. We where tead and then olive was taken off in to the leafyness by the chilldren and returned with a small sack of freshly picked peaches.

Away form this each orchard and upwards. The vally floo became an incredible patchwork of fruit plantations. Over the hill we plummeted backdown towards a massive lake flanked by glorious hills and mountIns.  A place was found on its shore on a littile beach, beneeth a weeping willow tree for to make a camp . thw wind blew wildly over lake binging crashing waves and noise. I sat. There is oftern thoughts and sugestions that make themselves know within the conciousness. at one point in my life i became good at following all inner sergestions which arose conserning swimming in rivers and the sea. I let my self be convinced and waided out in to the water. Diving under all the wildness and noise of the wind and serf was replaced by raptuos silence.

On an exploritive walk we where becconed for tea by two men who sat out infrount of there house. They showed us a file with a map which was a treasure map. One of the men rang a friend from gambia and used him as a translator to ask me if i knew if there was any maps like this in england. I said “no”. That night we where attacked by a crab and a small frog. How do crabs get 500km away from the sea?

The next day was a day of resting, a day of writing letters, a day of sitting in the shade, Reading, of walking and gentleness. We went to get water from the tressure hunters house. The tresure hunters were gone but other friends and family there including a kid ith a translating function on his pone. We ate much frouite including an incredible papple- a pair Apple, whilst the translator phone came up with things like “you will fall in love with many femail turkey”.

On the road again the next day at dawn. We saw the sun rize over the lake and rode hard all morning, later as we became floppyer and looked for a place to sito ut the sun a jolly man drove past us and led us to his house where ants unkles ets sat about eating froute and boiling up a ginormous caudron of grape juce on a fire. We ate froute untill it felt like time to leave and then played them a farirwell tune on the flute and guitar. They loved it. And made us stay for lunch. Incredibly tasty, liver in sauce and chikin on heaps of bulger wheet acomperneed by soup and massi hunks of soft white turkish bread. In turkey the eating style is to put big plates of food in the middle of the tabe into which the participating feeders dip bread and scoop out the sweetness. We consumed as much as space allowed, for it was verry delicious, and got bck on the road to a chorus of fairwells and happy waves.

Onwards again, up another big hill, we made steady progress untill a truck pulled over infrount of us and a group of men emerged from with in. They took our bikes and wedged them in the back of the truck inbetween big oil cans. Me and Olivia where then wedged between some big turks in the frount of the truck and escorted 10km down the road to the next town, Yalovach, where we where loveingly dumped.



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3 responses to “adventures in turkey – Mellons and peaches and big turks

  1. Paddy, Olivvia,

    thankyou for sharing your pain and good fortunes with us all. Looking forward to being with your folks next w/e. Much to catch up on,,

    with sweet memories of the Biscay Krew


  2. Jo

    I think crabs might live in fresh water too? xxx

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