Football music and happiness in lovely LaCourna

The early eve of the Euro cup final was spent at the house of young sweet Bahai’s Nada and Andy. we gathered for musical and devotion and then where treated to a dinner of gaspatacheo soup, a selection of old pig , fish pie, goats cheese, Persian mincey rice, pastries and cake. After being sufficiently filled up, we were driven at speeds to the casa de té for the game. Oshan had dressed for the occasion in a three piece suite and a mirror ball top hat, we rounded the corner to the café where we had previously been playing music, to a crowd of friends made since our arrival, Oshan produced a large Spanish flag out of the handkerchief pocket of his blazer to rapturous applause. All sat out on the street to watch Spain mercilessly rip Italy apart, much to the glee of the Spaniards. With each goal the street danced ad sang. Eve one was joyous apart from our new kerw member; Felix: linguistics, knowledge of Spain, trumpets, jazz, man about town, who was in support of Italy. Vic was meant to be leaving early the next day on his new boat, but Joanne wife of the skipper, sent so many drinks to the skipper and Vic that they agreed to put off there departure for an other day.


After the game; singing, dancing, praise of Spain. We played music and the locals joined us. Hours passed ecstatically. Once we had played our songs, the street gently swelled with 2 beautiful Galician chants. We went to bed late.


The next day was Oshans day of departure. Many people gathered at the boat as he tried to packed his many outfits ad instruments in to an insufficient bag that was then wrapped up in a big green sack, thus resembling a body bag. Sweet Andy collected him from the marina and he was away. Oshan had been incredible at attracting people to our group, he has the ability to communicate with anyone. Apparently he just gesses what people might be saying and responds with enthusiasm.


Later that day one of our wonderful neighbour Arbel offered to take people to a beach on his jet ski. People where ferried in groups of 3. later Felix was given the duty of ferry man to transport the last few people across. As Felix, myself (paddy) and a kid from another boat zoomed across the bay towards the beach a smallish motor boat was slighted moving towards us waving. Felix slowed down the jet ski and realised that the hailing boat was part of Spain’s most feared police force. A torrent of Spanish ensued, after which our boat was ordered to follow there. We where led to a much bigger boat, the mother ship, were we were again cascaded with Spanish, it emerged that it was illegal to drive the jet ski next to the beach, to have more than 2 people on at a time, to be on the jet ski with out lifejackets and to drive it with out some form of a licence, which Felix did not have. We where escorted back to the marina fearful of the repercussions yet gleeful for the high drama. Back on the marina we where given many more Spanish words before the police left with out further demand.



Vick left early the next day on a beautiful Norwegian gaff rigged boat to sail to Brest. The joyful Sabena was take to the airport where she was to fly down to south of Spain to sleep a night in the airport before flying back home to island. And so the mighty krew who had taken on the great Bay of Biscay and come though scathed, yet triumphant, who came through singing in the face of great difficulty, who arrived wet and weary, and who were embraced by the fair city of A Coruna, dispended and apart from Paddy and Garry now joined by Felix, went there separate ways.


In the evening we went back up to the Casa de Té for another musical session. This time we went to play a mellower vibe, as supposed to the raucous sounds we had delivered previously. With trumpet flute guitar and voices we serenaded the night, praised the all glorious, praised the Sweetness. Again people gathered around and joined in, in a gentle style.


The next day we had a mission, to take the boat around the corner of a bay to find a welsh man called Dave or Mike or something who allegedly had built a gaff rigged boat. we took Winy out of the marina and the safety of the harbour wall into a lumpy reality. Without sails to offer steadiness the boat was thrown about viciously. Paddy for the first time on the voyage began to feel a little ill. Felix had been introducing us to the delights of Spanish cuisine, on the way over our stomachs where filled with incredible tomatoes and olive oil and cheese. Is Spain all one needs to reach god is tomato olive oil and a little salt on some bred.


In Arres we were greeted by a man who was nether Welsh nor called mike or Dave but an Anglo Irish man called Martin who sailed around on a beautiful wooden boat with out a motor. What glory! He was accompanied by a friend and one his krew. We  went to the local boat yard where talked to the small yet sharp Paco, who came to look at the mast and begin to develop an idea of  an estimate. He also sent our mast plans and measurements on to another place who he thought might  be able to fix one up. We all went to the boat for a few choons. Then  Winny krew went to look for some Spanish diner, which was found and consumed. After dinner we explored the town a little and the found our way to a caffe/bar with a guitar wealdling patron. He gave us drinks and we struck up a few tunes to the locals out side. There was not much reaction until the patron came out and, with great skill, smashed out the Spanish hit parade. The locals went wild.


After a night in the sleepy Aress we motored back to La Coruna to continue our quest for a sturdy mast. Despite our inquisitions we where not yet receiving any estimates, it a busy time for boats/a bad time to break a mast. So, we occupied our selves, fixing bits of boat, tidying, exploring A Coruna, singing a little, Felix taught us jazz and bossa nova.

One evening whilst dinner was flowing in there was a gust of wind and a splash. It quickly developed that our beloved folding bike had fallen to the ocean floor, 10 meters below! We where considering our options when our Ducth neighbour Arbel appeared saying, ‘ah, I see your bike has fallen in the water. maybe we could dive for it?” it emerged that Arbel had also scuba gear on his incredible giant gin palace. Now, Arble is an incredible man, it seems that at one point he was a professional wake boarder (doing tricks strapped on to a plank of wood whilst being pulled behind a speed bard. After that he started a business selling what he called ‘toys with wheels’, I guess this means scooters and skateboards and things, which seems to have become fairly successful as he sold out  n bought a 60 foot motor Sun Seeker, pleasure cruiser /jinn palace with beautiful lines and filed it with long boards, jet skis, there toys and even an automatic rifle (he was planning to go though the Suez canal). However he quickly realised that motor cruising is inferior and makes less sense than sailing, he called the Jin Palace ‘Never Again’ and wants to sell it at the first possible instant so that he can buy a proper boat, with sails. So, paddy and Arble got suited up in the scuba gear, dived to the bike and attached it to a rope so that it could b pulled up.


Felix left after a week, he was a glory to have around, an exquisite translator and a fiend on the horn. And after a couple of days of scrubbing, Rosie, Garry’s wife, paddy’s mum, arrived.


So, the question is, what is to become of Winnys adventure? Where will our pilgrimage lead us? We are bound up in A Coruna until estimates arrive and thing are squared with the insurance, after that it will still be a month minimum until things may be fixed but neither myself (Paddy) or Garry would put much money on everything being fixed up before the end of August, which restricts the possibility of further sailing. For the immediate future, we will walk to Santiago de Compostilla next week, and along the way sing of the unity of mankind and womankind. We have arrangements in Mata, to help them create a glorious spiritual gatherings, to infuse it with our music and devo style, after that to Greece perhaps, then we are not sure……where the spiritual wind will blow us!

We welcome suggestions.


So plans are made to be broken, we have done a glorious job of  that so far! Now plans are still slowly emerging, and will be built upon energy, time, resources music and  love!

Till later……..more love and more news!







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7 responses to “Football music and happiness in lovely LaCourna

  1. lauratonge

    Hey Krew!!

    I’m the watch keeper you visited in St Ives-thanks for calling me a wonderful lady in your blog!!!

    I’ve been following your adventures since you left St Ives, and what adventures!!

    I’m so inspired by your positivity and cheeriness in the face of all the disasters you’ve had, what an amazing bunch you are. An honour to have met you, and so pleased to have discovered your blog do I can keep up with your journey.

    Hope an amazing Spanish carpenter makes you a mast for beautiful Winny sooner rather than later.

    Enjoy the wine, tomatoes, olives and bread, while you’re waiting. The people of La Coruna are lucky to have you and your wonderful music and spirits long term.

    Wishing you sunshine (its torrential rain in St Ives), a new mast, and fair winds.

  2. Hi Winney folk, Greg from Stroud here!

    Just read about your lucky escape when the mast went in calm seas… your being watched over for sure.

    I will remember you to all I contact and in our prayers, no doubt there will be a reason for your enforced stay there in La Caruna and I’m sure you all will hailed as a great asset to the port and city by all you meet.

  3. Thinking of you, depleted krew! Good thoughts and and better prayers for a successful and reasonably swift resolution of the mast problem and a happy restart. Loving greetings! David

  4. Peter Burns

    Just Love the story and the Krew of the Winny spiritual adventure, From a fellow Krew member of the good ship MV Sea Leopard now in Brazil. who had the delight and pleasure of hearing the wonderful soulful music of Steve Day in the Auckland Arms in Meani Bridge, Anglesey on 7th July and his adventure on the good brave ship Winny. May you adventure on to the Most Holy Land be a wonderful journey
    Peter Burns 🙂

  5. conny

    hey we have arrived in madeira now. hope la courona treathening u all well and that the mast soon is stepped:)
    nice meeting u.

  6. Hi Greg and all who sailed the Winny. Back in Falmouth now and “Island Rambler’s” ashore on ‘sticks’ after an eventful passage back from La Coruna. Often think of you guys and will always remember the music we made on the “Winny” on one Thursday evening. I do hope and trust that your voyage will continue when the time is right. Will be following the blog at a little more ease now that I’m settled in and getting ready to brave a Cornish winter… All the best for now… David Skinner (Island Rambler)

    • Hi Dave
      You didn’t break a mast getting to Falmouth as well did you??
      Not a bad feat if you can do it to a ferry 🙂
      But seriously, glad you are back where we might be able to visit you or see you visit us, ‘ere in ol’ Blighty. So I’m looking forward to another of your hypnotic mystical musical sessions. Maybe they could become fund raisers for a new stick for ol’ Winney!
      Warm regards

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