The Winny voyage was long whiles planned
To sing of love and peace abroad
Garry, skipper of the mission
With Shackleton skill he lead the band

Winnefreda of Greenisle her name
Her history long and erstwhile chequered
As powder boat she fed the fleet
Then later fuelled the Irish flame

The hand picked crew were of good fettle
Who fortune favoured to come together
None could know what lay ahead
But through their faith they showed their mettle

Paddy, Skipper’s youngest stalwart
Blessed with tune and voice and rythem
Courage strong through mighty maelstrom
Evoked Galician joy in port

Victor, fisherman of old
His kind are few, sea knowledge deep
No storm could e’er perturb his spirit
Or quell the heart of one so bold

Oshian of Persian fervour bright
Infectious laughter, warm and pure
At first he thought out of his depth
Is now propelled into the light

Nigel’s cap – the ancient mariner
With gaelic songs of strength and joy
To keep the ship in running order
He came to love her kindly manner

Sabina joined this motly crew
With Irish heart and Ba’hi soul
To face the Bay of Biscay Seas
Ne’er wavered she, her faith was true

Intrepid crew found little sleep
They faced the waves and won the shore
United there they came to share
Their joy of conquest o’er the deep


a poem by our beloved Nigel


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