find us in the sea

if you go to and search for winifida of green island or something simmilar you might be able to find where we are in the ociean-if any one is sucsessfull please comment on this post to enlighten others about the best technique.

fair winds



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6 responses to “find us in the sea

  1. I’ve got you on my fleet at (I think I needed to register for that but it didn’t cost anything).
    Its showing you as being just off the coast at Newquay 2 days ago. It says you’re out of range now… Do you turn the AIS off sometimes?

  2. Ken Nagle

    Cant find you at all. Are you out threre? I hope so because my darling wife is on board. Ken Nagle

  3. found you, in Spain!

  4. Laurence Farshid

    I found you “Winifeda”. THat’s how it’s spelt on the thing. It says you’re in Corunna, Northern SPain. you made it across the Bay of Biscay!!!

  5. is that you in Corunna harbour at 7pm Thursday 28th June? (ship name is Winifeda)

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