Dunleary to Dunmore East- fish pie, bagdaddian kebab and spelt bread

So, paddy Oshan luke and daragh went off to Dublin to check the scene and to busk. Whilst Garry went to an aristocrats for tea and chats. The boys used the reminants of oshans euros for the train, Oshan managed to get  a discount discount so that his euros where enough. we made an oath to Oshan that we would pay him back with all the money that was going to be made busking. In Dublin we stalked around town looking for a god busking place and found Grafton St., the same place that van Morrison started out on, and struck up some merry choons. Silly loud ones where well received, but though we got many smiles we got few euros, Oshan got most of his money back. Whist singing a song about racism and capitalism we attracted an investment banker and a sweet girl called orla who promiced to come to play muic with us that evening.


The evenings proceedings took place in the lovely house of newlyweds; Saba and Sam. Orla came with some sweet friends and we had a great Devonal, after which every one took it in turns to play tunes and many deeply beautiful voices where raised. Garry gave a rare solo guitar performance. The krew ran through the late night Dublin streets to get the last train back to the Winny.

We motored out in to a rainy irish sea and moved down the coast to Arklow, to wate for the next good tide. Some of the krew took this stop as  chance to visit arklows maritime museem. It turns out that arklow was famos for building beautifull scooners. A wize and salty man showed us, with great enthusiasm, around the exebition of all things nautical, joy for those who care. we where joined by Arran: Natural sea legs, Glorious realist, who would be our stow away until our next stop at Dunmore East, Waterford. Garry bought pencils, luke bought a plain ticket and we where off down the coast to a small ancraoge to rest the night. All slept well apart from Darragh who worried all night about the anchor slipping.


The next day took us around Carnshaw Point, the south east point of island, to sightings of dolphins and our first atlantic rolers. By the afternoon we got in to Dunmore East harbour and tied up to an big, old, broken, dirty, but Beautiful fishing boat. souper wonderfull Bahai’s from warterford began to arrive and had to be assisted down a long ladder across a plank on to the old fishing boat, through old frames and bits of riging and crain and then down in to the winny. The folk from watrerford brought an incredible feast with with them. We sang gentel songs and ate and all where merry. the bahai’s left, all where in happy anticipation of the weekend we would spend together. an Amish Menonite family appeard nd had a look round the boat. another big fishing boat tide up alongside us and Oshan forced some fish out of them.


The next day we where picked up and taken to the home of Tina and Mat who would be our hosts for the weekend. we met the next intrepid winny krew member Natasha: Queen of the Bilge, salty sea lady, most beautifull and most brainy. Tina cooked all an incredible lunch which was consumed with great relish. The krew and its joyus entourage where then taken to a community centre to tell our story to a big group of fisty youths. They weren’t sure of us at first but then paddy realised that the irish love potatoes and played them the potato song (oh, mash it up with butter, always tastes good with  little bit of butter, butte on my potter make my heart flutter, but if you offer me the flora I would probably chunder). They loved it. We sang songs and told them about the boat and they asked questions and we played more songs ad video and all where satisfied.

Next port of call was Sara Pikket’s house to do a similar session with her children’s class. As soon as we entered her sitting room we were set upon by wild children flinging them selves at us. They where restrained and we did another presentation, singing, talking, questions..after the children left we where fed an incredible bagdaddian feast, kibbab and a dhal with dill that sent some in to higher realitys, loveingly cooked up by Ala. Some more Waterford locals arrived and we embarked on a deep and long and mellow devo.


We met the next day with sweet slow cooked rice and stawberrys and bluberrys and freshly baked spelt loaf which had been created by the evre giving Tina, who hd started preparing at 4am. Luke realised that he was in a nother country and that he had boked a flight and that he didn’t have a passport and spent much of the rest of the day trying to find out how he was going to get back to his home befor he had to start work. the rest of the krew met with the Baha’i community in the ceter of Waterford for a wet picnic and some music, and then ended up back at mat and Tina’s for another feast (Fish and butter pie, with the fish from the fishermen) and a final Irish devo. Joy.


Breakfast the next morning was omlet with chorizo, white pudding, baykan and more fresh spelt bread. luke left a dawn to get a buss so that he could get a train so that he could get a ferry so that he could get an other train(with an overnight stay in Crewe) so that he could get his car so that he could drive home so that he was ready for work the next day. Trouper, intrepid, gentel and mighty, good by Luke. it was also time to say good by to Darragh, who had been a fantastic part of the krew, perceptive and enthusiastic and willing and joyus aad visible. And it was time to say good by to the Waterford community who had been so loving, generos and glorious, an wo lef us with fond memorys, with new friends, with armfuls of scrumptious provisions.


We moved out of Dunmore east harbour waved off by the Waterford Bahai’s on the harbour wall and by Phillipineese fishermen from the fishing boat we had been tied alongside, and set sail Wails and for Bristol.




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2 responses to “Dunleary to Dunmore East- fish pie, bagdaddian kebab and spelt bread

  1. Dianne Sells

    I really enjoy your descriptive writing, wonderful.
    You are giving us an excellent insight into your voyage, crew and your spirtiual music and devotionals. I read this out to my neighbour yesterday and showed her the photos. We can’t wait for your next episode…….
    Thanks, keep up the good work. Good sailing and many blessings to you all. Dianne.

  2. Nick

    Love to you all from the Hardy/Cabrera’s in mid state New York! We had mean’t to call Mull for a Bon Voyage chat but, well, here it is. BON VOYAGE!!
    Love the updates etc and may a fair wind move you!

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