Anglesey to Dunleary- packoras, mountains and fog

On arrival in Anglesey, Oshan and Leon immediately entered the zone and smashed up an incredible lunch of pakoras, scrambled eggs and hot buttered toast to feed the ravenous krew. We acquainted ourselves with our new surroundings and krewmembers; the cockpit was filled with legs and strings and omming. Before long a group of Bahá’ís and friends arrived for a unity feast and the boat was filled to the gunnels with lovely people. We sang and talked and laughed and managed to feed everyone using every plate and dish on board. That night Oshan slept on deck to awake to a swaying sky filled with stars.

in the kitchen

The following day stated slowly. For the wonderful Leon, this was his last morning. He had been a fully fantastic member of the krew, allowing himself to become immersed in the rhythm of the ship, within the resonance of the krew and within the music created. We sang a final goodbye song and he sped off to catch a train to Inverness. The boat again became filled up with sweet visitors; 4 Chinese students, 2 welsh farmers, an assemblage of Bahai’s, and some French kids. There was great excitement, photos where taken, prayer flags where raised, Oshan did a French mime demonstration, and all where shown around the boat. When everyone was satisfied, the krew were then shifted out and piled in the back of a van to the loving and glorious Penny’s house, where we were due to play music for neighbours in her beautiful village nestled in the north Wales mountains. She fed the krew on a super delicious meal which contained no lentils, glory. We played incredible music to an incredible collection of; old hippies, first language welsh speakers, sweet Bahai’s, young families, and miscellaneous un-classifiables. New krew member Luke: sweet melodies, sturdy like oak, tiny drum, managed to find his way to us through the wilds of North Wales. The rhythmical Rayyan taught us a rap in Persian: Sandali, sandali, all I seem to hear is sandali/ sandali, dast e to bishur/ sandali, boos be deh/ sandali, chai mikhai?. (Sandali means chair in Farsi). Penny and the ever-sweet Georgina did an incredible job of looking after the krew, we were all given beds with sheets and duvets, and endless foods nibbles and drinks.

The next morning we ate a delicious breakfast under the shadow of Snowdon and then gathered our possessions and were driven through beautiful mountains, woodlands and valleys to get to our next engagement; a gig at a little local food and crafts fair in a permaculture community centre; Hendra Hall. This was our first performance on a stage. When we started there where no mics or amplification but as the performance went on, we gradually became magically plugged in and mic’d up. The music was well received. After our gig we perused the stalls selling local arts and foods, and got stocked up with delicious things, including all the ingredients for a BBQ. The krew and friends of the krew jumped into cars and drove to a beach which had a panoramic view of mighty mountains including Snowdonia. The heat was outrageous, maybe a taster of how it will be in the south seas…swimming, eating, chatting, cooking, singing…you know the score. On the beach we said goodbye to Poppy and Pablo, gorgeous souls, it had been a humongous pleasure to have them both on board, we would miss poppy’s sawing vocals and Pablo’s fantastic mandolin…fair well.

We were then transported back to the boat. Some of the krew were fully whacked, over worked, proper weary, thankful of a night off and went straight to bed. The next day was a mellow day, we fixed bits of the boat, did admin, shopping and stuff. The kitchen was scrubbed. Oshan and Darragh hitch hiked off to Bangor and got lifts with Rod Stewart’s one time manager and Prince William and Kate Middleton’s chef and then got pictures taken with the Olympic flame as it came through Bangor. The rest of the krew followed later and we had a music session in the small house of Amy and Omid, filled to the ceiling with fantastic people. We were driven home by the eternally generous Mike and Danielle who were total saints the whole time we were in Anglesey; bringing people to the Winny, transporting the krew around and arranging places where we could meet souls who were interested in our vision. Thank you thank you and thank you to all the other people in north Wales that aided us to have such a fruitful stay.

We left Wales in thick fog at 5am. As we raised sail in rocky seas we caught a last glance of Anglesey, a dramatic rocky headland illuminated in gold through the mist, passed us, and then we were away into the open sea, headed for Ireland. Winds dropped and we had to motor most of the way. Drama erupted as our GPS navigation machine stopped working in the fog in a heavy shipping route in a complex nautical landscape, Oshan and paddy quickly adapted to archaic methods of navigation and plotted a course using Winny’s charts. We dodged sandbanks and massive ships and found our way safely to Dun Loaghaire (Dunleary) marina, close to Dublin. Soon after we arrived guests started to appear on the ship, Darragh’s beautiful mum, Mahvash, helped the ship’s cooks conceive a meal that didn’t contain lentils. We cooked a feast to feed all our wondrous/ferocious limpets. An evening of gentle song and music ensued as the red sun fell slowly in to the horizon.

Today the krew has various plans explore Dublin, to busk, and to visit local aristocrats, later on we have an evening of music at a friends house… love from us!


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  1. Well, just been catching up on the blog to the soundtrack of Big Ocean Music, reliving our moments of sound-bathing together in the cave and catching glimpses of the songline now being sung, and my heart is positively aglow 🙂 Oceanic Love to you ALL and a big thanks for this wonder-full journey you are sharing 🙂 xxx

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