Ballycastle to Anglesey-sun, mystysism and kippers at sundown

Hail hail, salty joy, sun and wind, whistles and mandolins, weary warmth, forcasts of gails, wails (Wales), new arrivals. Greetings from Holyhead, holy island, Anglesey, where the wind whistles in the rigging and the krew relax and learn new songs after an over night sail. (listen to this for the full experience)

The last of our words reached you in ballycastle, just befor we went to the Corrymeela centre (insert link) to be fed and to play some of the volunteers there a merry tune. The next day we left the marina at 5am to catch the tide that would whisk us down the Irish sea. We motored out in to a glorious sunrise and chugged passed ragged cliffs and beautiful secluded coves. en route we stopped off at Glenarm to visit the graves of the Captins pairents; Jane and Michel Villiers-Stuart, Michel was the previous custodian of the Winny   The wind picked up later and we finished the passage under sail in the sunshine moving joyfully closer to bangor. Safely in the mariner the Winny became filled up with visitors and new friends, until the merry crowed spilled over onto the shore, singing and exploring spiritual realities. Later in the evening some of the krew went to a bombfire on the beach with new friends met that day and had  sweet time discussing Jesus with some evangelicals and making beautiful music.

Poppy: heavenly voice, sharp harmony’s, ships beauty, arrived the next day. the krew kept themselves gently busy in on way or another. It was the night for mystics that evening, this is an important night in the Baha’i calendar. It celebrates an evening when Mullah Husain looking for the Loved One in a state of anxiety and stress, magically found the Great Soul who foretold the coming of Baha’u’alla (the profit for Baha’is) in a full night of glorious mystical bliss. So Baha’is are envited to partake in an evening of joyfull mystical exploration. The krew and friends of the krew, first went to a Baha’i holyday celebration where in we all belted out sweet music and song and then ate delicious food and where welcomed by deep loving hearts in to this sweet community. We had to leave this house les we desterbed the nabors, so a collection of lovers sped to another house to meditate, drink coffee, chant beautfull music, recite tablets and mystical verse…joy. Later, as the sun was rising, we walked back along the sea fount to the Winny and to sweet peaceful slumber.

However, after this joyful evening, we could not slumber for long. Booked in for the next day was a visit to a school. This is a part of the voyage in which we are visiting various schools, youth groups and children’s classes to tell them out the vyage and the vision of one planet one people. Each school makes a small treasure chest (usually about the size of a shoue box), which containes messages, bits of art or what ever and is gifted to the next school. The schools are also sowen  vidio made of the lat school tt was visited, so tat they can get an understanding of where the chest has come from.

That day we visited an amazing Steiner school. When we arrived the class we where visiting were just about to do a birthday jam for one of the class members, this consists f al the students brandishing instruments and making up a song for the birthday boy or girl. We had a great time getting to know the pupils and there school, we taught them a song, thy taught us a song. When we left the kids where eating there packed lunches and the teacher was playing her flute to herself at the back of the class.

We had a final Northern Irish devotional in Belfast befor diving back to the boat to rest up for a early departure the next day. We motered out of bangor at 7am weary but glowing from  a full and sintelationg experience given to us by many wonderuss people.

We dropped anckor in a beautifull sandy bay in The Isle of Man to wate for the tides. Quickly it emerged that much of the krews knowledge of the Isle of Man was flawed and bcause we could not go on wikipedia we had to row ashore on an anthroplogical information-gathering mission. The island is very beautiful, it is not only full of men, they have there own government, they are refered to as Manx, there are 90000 inhabitants, Jeremy Clarkson lives there, as do many other rich folk and poshies because it is a tax haven. We went t buy ice creams, because it was a sunny day, the ice cream man was a clown and did many tricks on us. Some of the krew was hankering for meat so fish and new potatoes where bought. we walked back to the beach and cooked them up as the sun fell in to a glassy sea. There was just enough time to play some tunes before heading back to the ship through tick glowing phosphoresance in order to leave at midnight to catch the tides down to Anglesey.

The krew was arainged in to three pairs and took turns to to take watch as Winny surged through the night. Passed the isle of man full ail was raised and the engine was cut off in the early dawn. Whilst Captin Gazza and Darrragh where o watch a stowaway was found,  little wren had made it’s way to us in the middle of the irish sea. It found various perches to rest out of the wind and every now andagain would fy out in toth sea, as if it had had enough, but wold always find its way back again.

find the wee bird

We flew in to Anglesey on glorious winds and in bright sunshine, ful of song and Winny shanties. On aproch to the mareena two glorious, strutting, flamboyant figures where sighted dancing along the walkways; Oshan: reserdent holyman, player of a thosand instruments, speakr of a thousand languages, eternal sillyness, and Pablo: joyfull wide eyes, the Mexican panther, met us to catch moring ropes and to tie Winny to shore.

updates of our time in north wales will follow shortly. Love.



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2 responses to “Ballycastle to Anglesey-sun, mystysism and kippers at sundown

  1. Jo

    Wow Pad all sounding super wonderful! The Wren was an incarnation of the fam being with you in spirit 😉 Jo, Fred & Wren x

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