beginings and plannings

Hail All,

mystics, mariners, musicians, wise ones and mad ones rejoice!

on the 12th of may a beautiful boat filled with beautiful people will embark on a journey from Fingles Cave on the west coast of Scotland to the centre of the Baha’i faith in Haifa, Israel. along the way we will play music with each other and with the people we meet, spreading a message of unity and oneness. Me (paddy) and Garry will be permanent residents on the boat, the rest of the krew (you?) will comeaboard for an evening, a week, a month.. we want people who love the sea, people who love to play and people who love The Beloved.

so, will you spare some time to get involved, to sail the open seas, to catch fish, to seek adventure, to seek oneness, to seek happiness, to seek stillness, to engage the people we meet with our salty sea songs, our songs of love and hope, to come and share your songs, poems, visions, being and laughter.

contact us on the blog or email us at

there is a plan of the first part of the voyage, more details will come soon…

with love



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4 responses to “beginings and plannings

  1. Great stuff Paddy! Can’t wait!!! Yeoooo!

  2. Jawik

    I’ll wait for updates. good winds

  3. James (Jim) Holmlund

    Though hardly a sailor and not at all fit for a journey as this, I’d love to be with you. Brings back so many memories of the Winny, especially the stop in Sardinia in the ’70s. And most of all the memories of dear, dear Mike and Jane. Buon voyage!!!

  4. Joey

    Miss you paddsock, there are remnants of you strewn around, but your smell is slowly departing. We have had the windws open to faciliate it. Loving your writing

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